[SYSTEM] Hide Costume

This system allows to hide the costumes of the pj.

Price: 50e Offert: 43e

[SYSTEM] Emotions Special

New system with more than 18 new emotions.

Price: 40e Offert: 34e

[SYSTEM] MailBox

This system allows you to send items, yang or messages to pjs offlines.

Price: 100e Offert: 85e

[SYSTEM] Gaya System

This system allows you to buy items in a special store with a new currency called gaya.

Price: 50e Offert: 43e

[SYSTEM] GiftsCode

This system allows you to create gift codes.

Price: 40e Offert: 34e

[SYSTEM] Change Bonus

This system allows you to change the bonuses individually.

Price: 60e Offert: 51e

[SYSTEM] Search Chest

This system lets you know what items have a chest.

Price: 40e Offert: 34e

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